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Hack Attack Heavy Cover Flippin' Hook

The new Hack Attack Heavy Cover Flippin' Hook is a super sharp, heavy duty, black nickel Gamakatsu® Siwash hook made exclusively for Strike King. It features a small eye that doesn't tear up plastics and is sealed closed, so your line cannot come out. It also has an injection molded "rebarb" keeper, that won't flex or open up when using braided line, has a big gap for good hook sets, and yet is compact so they can be used in smaller plastic baits. Use with heavy rods and strong line and fear no heavy cover or giant bass!

Qty Model Description Price Units  
HAHCFH-4/0 $9.35 Pkg of 4
HAHCFH-5/0 $9.35 Pkg of 4
HAHCFH-6/0 $9.35 Pkg of 4

Tour Grade Trailer Hooks
Strike King's New Tour Grade Trailer hook with keeper is designed to work with Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits & even topwater frogs! The Tour Grade Trailer hook incorporates a unique locking cap on the eye of the hook to help keep the hook in place while in use. This rigid design help eliminate the guess work often involved when adding a trailer hook to your lures.

Qty Model Description Price Units  
TGTH3/0 size 3/0, Black $2.95 Pkg of 4
TGTH2/0 size 2/0, Black $2.95 Pkg of 4
TGTH1/0 size 1/0, Black $2.95 Pkg of 4

Whisker Sticker Hooks

  • Special design for use with Catfish "Bites"® and other catfish baits
  • Ten Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® hooks per pack
  • Double barbs for extra holding ability

  • Qty Model Description Price Units  
    WS-2/0 Size 2/0 $3.25 Pkg of 8
    WS-1 Size 1 $3.25 Pkg of 8

    Lightn'in Strike Hooks

    Weedless hooks for soft baits and pork
    • Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks with wire weedguard
    • Five hooks per pack

    Qty Model Description Price Units  
    LS-3/0 Size 3/0 $4.25 Pkg of 5
    LS-5/0 Size 5/0 $4.25 Pkg of 5

    Trailer Hooks

    Trailer hooks for spinner baits, buzzbaits and frogs.

    Qty Model Description Price Units  
    TP30 Size 3/0 $2.25 Pkg of 5
    TP10 Size 1/0 $2.25 Pkg of 5

    Buy 6 or more of any item, get 10% off!



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